$75 for 75 years

A Presidential Challenge

In concert with the OCS Diamond Anniversary, Colonel Ionoff has issued a challenge to all USAOCSAA members…
OCS 1941-2016 OCS 1941-2016
“This is a call to action to help support and preserve your legacy! I challenge all OCS graduates to give one dollar for each year that OCS has been providing superior officers to our Army. That will be a $75 contribution from each of us. The funds from this campaign will be targeted for the four key areas outlined below. Let’s make the 75th anniversary a year to reflect, reinvigorate and reinvest.”
John Ionoff
$75 For 75 Years donors will be entitled to a 1-line entry on the Patron page complete with 40 characters for your own personal OCS reflection
Reinvesting For Our Members' Benefit
  • Website upgrades for access to OCS history, photo gallery and member forum
  • OCS yearbook digitization
  • OCS Memorial Walk at Ft. Benning: preserving the names and history of OCS Alum
  • Seed funding for resumption of the Scholarship Fund
OCS Life Long Leaders